Father's Son: Miracles of Quiapo

The Novel

"That last monologue by Deo is SO beautiful. The message was exquisite. I do not consider myself an overly religious person, and I was not brought up Catholic, but I do believe in a god, and I have my own tales about how absolutely blessed my life has been, how everything bad in life led me to the perfect culmination of happiness. I love the religious message of positivity and I also love the political undertones to the novel."

Claudette Cruz

The Editing Sweetheart

From the depths of human misery rises a story that celebrates life and transforms communities.

Set in Quiapo, Manila, Philippines, Miracles of Quiapo is not the kind of story that we have been used to hearing about miracles.

The heart of the book's message beats for "Little Good Deeds".

That is how the "miracles" find their expression.

"Little Good Deeds" (Chapter 11, last chapter of the book) suggests to dissociate the Black Nazarene from super human phenomena.

It means miracles happen every day with each little act of kindness being spread around.

This is easy to see in Quiapo, a replica of struggle for human dignity and total human development for all peoples everywhere.

Miracles of Quiapo is a story of determination to overcome adversity.

It is about the triumph of good over evil.

It celebrates little good deeds.

It is a portrait that needed strokes from many hands to complete the artwork.

It is about people helping people.


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